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Re: [Re: [tlug] CVS and Japanese files]

Shimpei Yamashita <> wrote:

> Ryan Shaw wrote:

> > Have any of you who have used CVS ever had problems
> > with it corrupting Japanese files?
> Basically, the simplest solution is to write everything in EUC 
> or UTF-8. 

Yeah, which explains why I've never seen this problem 
before: I always use EUC. But I've just joined a new
company that has everything in SJIS. I plan on converting
them soon, but in the meantime I have to deal with it
since I'm still "the new guy."

> If you absolutely have to write something in SJIS, you have 
> to have CVS invoke filters that convert SJIS files to EUC on 
> their way in, and back to SJIS on their way out. 

Do you have any pointers to places such filters might
be found?

> Hankaku also causes a problem if you are auto-converting: a 
> string consisting of EUC hankaku characters may be auto-detected 
> as SJIS consisting of garbage.


> I'm not sure what a good solution is to this problem; personally, 
> I think you should just ban hankaku...

I wish I could...unfortunately that decision isn't up to
the technical folk, but to the business folk who think the
hankaku look better (and actually they have a point given
the limited screen real estate we're working with--this is
a Palm app).

Thanks for your help,



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