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Re: [tlug] Apache config help

>>>>> "Jim" == Jim Breen <> writes:

    Jim> ["Stephen J. Turnbull" (Re: [tlug] Apache config help)
    Jim> writes:]

    >>> >>>>> "Jim" == Jim Breen <> writes:
    Jim> Setting a hard AddDefaultCharset is great as long you never
    Jim> want to have a page with any other coding. A rather
    Jim> monolingual WWW setup.
    >>> I think the intended use is for error pages and stuff like
    >>> that....

    Jim> Doesn't say that in the Docs. And from observation it applies
    Jim> to all pages.

No and yes.  The docs are pretty terse.  But after all if you serve
something other than ISO 8859/1, you really really should have a
charset parameter in your content-type header.

    Jim> It's odd - in Mozilla if you look at the Page Properties, it
    Jim> says the charset is euc-jp, presumably from the META, but the
    Jim> browser is set to ISO-8859-1.

That's broken.

    Jim> A bit schizoid, but then the server is sending conflicting
    Jim> signals.

The server is not; the author is.  The server may have converted on
the fly (eg, if it detects DoCoMoDaMe, euc -> sjis), so it's not
necessarily the author's "fault."  This is why the HTTP Content-Type
header takes precedence.  (What?  Server munge the META header?
Noooo! just say "No" to data corruption!)

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