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Re: [tlug] Apache config help

>>>>> "Jim" == Jim Breen <> writes:

    Jim> That's exactly what I'm seeing - the META tag being
    Jim> overridden and the charset locked on iso-8859-1.

This is absolutely correct (if less-than-useful) behavior.

    Jim> In WWWJDIC's output, intead of starting each page with:
    Jim> "Content-type: text/html" I have: "Content-type: text/html;
    Jim> charset=euc-jp".  That did the trick!

Ah, I didn't realize you were doing raw CGI, but of course you are.

    Jim> Now I need to make sure it doesn't break the other servers,
    Jim> but I doubt it.

It can't unless you're using the same code for other CGIs....

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