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[tlug] help: TA w/ NTT Flets ISDN on RedHat 7.2

I'm kind of a Linux newbie, but I recently set up my own Linux
box with RedHat 7.2. The installation went pretty well, but I
have not been able to set up my ISDN TA to work with this Linux
box. I'm using NTT's Flets ISDN service, and it works just fine
with my Windows2000 box. According to RedHat connecting to internet
with a ISDN TA can be set up just like a normal external dial-up
modem, but I haven't been able to get anywhere in setting the
thing up.  I'm using KDE's set tools, and when I try "query modem"
I get nothing.
If anyone out there is using Flets ISDN with a TA for internet
access and has RedHat or a similar distribution, please let know
how you set up your connection.  
The TA I'm using an Alexon TDC200. 

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