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Re: [tlug] mozilla: really ready?

On Thu, 6 Jun 2002 12:50:56 +0900 wrote:

> FWIW, I've been using Mozilla since 0.8.9 on both Linux 
> and Windows, and I've
> only ever seen these bugs show up on Linux. That suggests 
> that it's either a
> bug in Mozilla's X interface, or in X itself. Either 
> wouldn't surprise me.
Even if it's an xfree4.1 bug probably there should be a workaround. On the other hand, I have never experienced this with any other application (be it konqueror, encompass, whatever), my guess is that the bug is in mozilla's X interface.

I would be glad to try xfree 4.2.0 which has been out for almost a half year but still has not made it into debian. 
From Branden's page:
 [7 May] Do not expect an update on XFree86 4.2 until after Debian 3.0  ("woody") releases. If you want to know why XFree86 4.2 is not 
 shipping as part of woody, read this.

I know that dozens of users have been bashing him, but I also ask:
Why can't we have it in unstable (or in experimental) at least ?!
Answer: go package it for yourself!
Yeah, right. Why don't we just package the whole distro. I would be using LFS or Gentoo then.


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