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[tlug] multiple accounts in mutt

I've been trying to figure this out for a few days, and I'm not
sure what I'm missing.  

I'd like to be able to have a few accounts, each with their own
smtp server (I use nbsmtp, called with a line in my .muttrc).
Something similar to the way you can create multiple accounts in
most of the GUI emailers, eg sylpheed.

I'm able to do it with send-hook--for example, my
account has trouble with freebsd-questions so I have a couple of
send-hook lines in .muttrc that will, if I send to or cc
freebsd-questions, it will use my account and set nbsmtp to
send from rather than  However, I'd like
to be able to, after hitting m to compose a letter, choose at that
time, regardless of recepient, what email account I'll use.

It seems that account-hook is what I want, but I haven't been able
to get it to work properly--also, in my googling, it almost seems
as if it's only used for IMAP.  
So, I'm wondering what I'm missing.  I've been through the man
pages for mutt and muttrc and still can't figure out any other way
to do it besides a send-hook.


Scott Robbins

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