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Re: Simon Cozens' nomikai

Uva Coder ( wrote:

> Since Simon Cozen arrived in Tokyo today, there will be
> a get together at 8:00 pm this evening at Tengu (Tokyo
> Eki-mae Branch). Everyone is invited.

The three of us who showed up kind of thought that meant
you'd be there too, Uva :-)

Fun, beer, food, and good conversation was had by all.

Tuesday night, I will be at The Fiddler to check out a new
blues band, Wasted Saints.   If anyone couldn't attend
tonight's impromptu nomikai would like to come around,
feel free.  I heard Simon say he didn't have anything to do until
Wednesday, so maybe he'll drop in himself.

If you don't know The Fiddler, you can find a map on their
web site:

It's in Takadanobaba, at the intersection of Wadeda-dori and
Meiji-dori, about a 5-minute walk from Takadanobaba station.


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