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mutt on RH 7.1, continued

>>>>> "jb" == Jonathan Q <> writes:

    jb> Is this an indicator of a borked iso-2022-jp, or am I barking
    jb> up the wrong tree on this?

I think it's RH that's been borking up the wrong tree ... namely the
glibc sources.  Not a tree to bork IMHO.  Probably the developers have
been reading the Marketing Dept's PR about how there's a working
Japanese locale in glibc (they don't call it "glib-c" for nothing, you
know) ... and believing it.

Don't believe everything you read, and use Mule (on XEmacs of course!)
when you need to be able to read _everything_![1]

[1]  That was a test.  Did you believe me?  Suck-ker!  We come bloody
close, though.

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Institute of Policy and Planning Sciences       Tel/fax: +81 (298) 53-5091
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