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Re: Mutt and Japanese

Neil Booth ( wrote:

> Joss Winn wrote:-

> > I am trying to get Mutt working with Japanese and have got part of the
> > way there but still no real joy....

> Interesting.  What version of Mutt are you using?  If I'm doing Japanese,
> I use a bodged version of Kikutani-sans patches (which IIRC don't apply
> cleanly any more even to the source distribution they're supposed to,

Yeah, version info would be helpful.  I'm going to ask the obvious,
have you looked at these three places:

I haven't built a mutt in ages - still using the 1.0i built
on the Kikutani instructions - but I always found that it never
worked right unless I built it against the J-patched SLANG
on the Kikutani page above, even when I was building on a 
J-distro (TurboLinux).  Don't know if that's still needed
now or not.  I haven't experimented with sending mail in a recent
mutt, but it seems to display Japanese OK as long as I'm running it
in a kterm and have my $LANG properly set.  That's even with the
one that ships with Red Hat Wolverine (AKA 7.0.91), which I'm
running at home.  I'm  running Wolverine at work too, but using the
old mutt that I build myself.

Feed us more details, maybe we can come up with something.



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