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typo or normal?

>>>>> "Tony" == Tony Laszlo <> writes:

    Tony> Not being a programmer, I can only suspect that the line
    Tony> marked with ">>>>>" has an error in it, namely the ";" being
    Tony> after the "/* FIXME: 1 */" rather than before it. The
    Tony> compiler complained about a "*/" mark being off; could this
    Tony> be it? Thanks.

Comments in C are simply removed (or maybe treated as whitespace, it
doesn't matter here).  I see nothing wrong with this code (as long as
the ">>>>" stuff is _not_ in the file).

More typically the complaint is about something like

  /* i = 1;  /* useful comment */

There's nothing illegal about this (the programmer is commenting out
the assignment).  You could do

  /* i = 1; */ /* useful comment */

to shut up the compiler.  But

  /* i = 1;  /* useful comment */ */

is illegal; C comments do not nest.

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