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from Row-Cell Notation to EUC or ISO-2022 Encoding

>>>>> "Ulrike" == Ulrike Schmidt <> writes:

    Ulrike> Is it possible to calculate the EUC or JIS code from these
    Ulrike> codes?

The JIS code (in decimal) is ROW + 32, CELL + 32, with row first.
The EUC code is ROW + 160, CELL + 160.

Then convert to hexadecimal.  Alternatively, convert ROW and CELL to
hexadecimal, and

JIS high = xROW + \x20, JIS low = xCELL + \x20
EUC high = JIS high | \x80, EUC low = JIS low | \x80.

There was a whole chapter on this in CJKV's predecessor UJIP; I would
imagine it's there somewhere.  But it's very simple.

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