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Re: Linux/Palm

I didn't mean jPilot when I wrote `cool stuff', I've never tried it :)
I've used kpilot a couple of times, it seems fine. But usually I stick
to pilot-link too.


>>>>> On Thu, 14 Dec 2000 12:10:23 +0900, Dmytro Kovalov <> said:

    DK> Sorry for disappointing you... :(

    -> Connecting your connected organiser So, the first thing you'll
    -> want to do is to go here and grab a copy of jPilot for
    -> Linux. This is handy little program offers you all the
    -> functionality of the Windows application that ships with the
    -> Palm Pilot. You'll need it to be able to install apps onto your
    -> palm.

    DK> jPilot is a real crap. Never worked on me, just breaks syncing
    DK> in the middle regardless of all settings. At the same time
    DK> pilot-link, PilotManager are OK on both Solaris and
    DK> Linux. Though personally me - I prefer command line pilot-xfer
    DK> and bbdb-to-pilot.

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