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Re: Telnet/ssh connection refused


Jake Morrison wrote:

> Try running ssh in verbose mode (-v flag), it will likely tell you
> what the problem is. There are all kinds of configuration and paranoia
> reasons that it might refuse the connection .
> That assumes that there is nothing else getting in the way. You might try
> to telnet to port 22 just to see if sshd is there.

Managed to get sshd running after running ssh-keygen to generate
the authentication key.

> As for telnet, Mandrake 7.2 has the telnet server in a different rpm from
> the client, and it might not be installed. You might have to install it
> manually off the CD.

Yes. The telnet server has not been installed by default.

B0Ti wrote:

> But once you enable ssh, why do you need telnet ?

That's true. Now that I have managed to get ssh


Osaka City University

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