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Re: rsync

On Thu, Dec 07, 2000 at 11:51:39AM +0900, Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:
> One caveat (that I've mentioned before): dselect and apt are quite
> capable of attempting to delete almost your whole system if
> dependencies for things like libc get a bit out of whack.  D and Q are
> your friends.
Aw, c'mon. Where's the fun in that? Entropy is your friend, too. Or a
Valuable Learning Experience. At least that's what I tell myself
whenever I do something ill-advised or stupid and completely hose my

As for dselect, I've found that the X key ('Forget all changes and
quit' in dselect) to be an even better friend. I've gotten to where I
can use dselect without cringing if I absolutely have to, but the
interface leaves a little to be desired in that if you make a
mistake, it's pretty easy to let things snowball pretty badly. I also
find the fact that you can't search on a package's *description* to
be a pretty big shortcoming. With a few thousand packages, it's hard
to remember what they're all called, especially when you're not
really sure what you're looking for.

Anyway, who needs dselect? For example:

< ~> dpkg -l | grep --ignore-case 'libc'
ii  glibc-doc       2.1.3-13        GNU C Library: Documentation
ii  libc6           2.1.3-13        GNU C Library: Shared libraries and Timezone
ii  libc6-dev       2.1.3-13        GNU C Library: Development Libraries and Hea
ii  libcanna1g      3.5b2-25        Canna Runtime Library (Libc6).
ii  libcapplet0     1.0.51-4        Library for Gnome Control Center applets
ii  libcdparanoia0  3a9.7-2         Shared libraries for cdparanoia (runtime lib
ii  libcupsys1      1.0.4-8         Common UNIX Printing System(tm) - libs
ii  libgpmg1        1.17.8-18       General Purpose Mouse Library [libc6]
ii  mesag-dev       3.1-17          Development library for Mesa [libc6].

< ~> su -pc "apt-get install libc6 libc6-dev"

(Or, for the safety-conscious and those who have better things to do
than spend their weekend futzing around with broken dependencies):

< ~> su -pc "apt-get --simulate install libc6 libc6-dev"

Is, for my money, a heck of a lot faster and more flexible than
dselect or any of the gui apt tools I've tried.

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