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Re: Convert IE bookmarks to Netscape

Yes, Netscape bookmarks are in one HTML format. 
But MS-IE bookmarks are like this, each site is bookmarked as sigle file. For example, bookmarks is .....


If you bookmark 100 sites, you have such 100 files.
So, I'm looking for the tool to convert bookmarks.

Thank you.
-- Shigeo

> >>>>> "Shigeo" == Shigeo Honda <> writes:
>     Shigeo> I'd like to convert Windows IE5.0 browser bookmakrs to
>     Shigeo> Linux Netscape Navigator 4.7.  Is there any good tools to
>     Shigeo> do this job?
> Um, have you tried `cp'?  The sensible thing to do is to keep them in
> HTML; are you sure Microsoft didn't do that?

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