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kinput2 woes

>>>>> "Simon" == Simon Cozens <> writes:

    Simon> I've reloaded the defaults with xrdb merge just to make
    Simon> sure. Ctrl-kanji works, but shift-space doesn't. Any one
    Simon> think of any reasons why?

Which distro?

The way XIM works is that the app (kterm) that wants to implement an
input conversion must set up an Xt(?) keyboard filter, passing the
keystrokes to kinput2.

Make sure kterm specifies Shift-Space as a conversion starter.  Other

(1) Linux is fxxked up; Shift-Space does not generate the correct scan
(2) X11 is fxxked up; the Shift-Space scan code is not translated to
the correct keysym.
(3) kterm is fxxked up; kterm is not filtering Shift-Space through

There are probably other possible reasons, which this margin is too
small to contain....

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