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tlug: printer problem with Redhat 6.1

I have been running Mcmillan 6.5 which is Mandrake 6.1 which is Redhat 6.0 with
no problems.  Last night installed Redhat 6.1 and it doesn't see a device on
the printer port (lp0).  Tried manually putting in the device in printtool but
no luck.  Printed test from the printtool and it said sending to printer, but
nothing.  (When I checked printque, it said job waiting printer possibly
offline.)  I copied over my printcap and filter files from Mandrake, but still
no luck. 

It's an epson stylus 800 which sometimes has problems with various distros, but
in this case, the problem seems to be that the system is simply not detecting a
printer. The printer is hooked up to a scanner which is the thing that is
physically connected to the parallell port, however, this hasn't caused any
trouble with other distros.

Any help would be appreciated.
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