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Re: tlug: Wireless LAN

Subba Rao <> writes:

> I am looking to setup a wireless LAN. The LAN will have
> Linux, NT and Win95 boxes. There are several questions
> that are new to me.
> 1. Will the current ethernet interfaces be sufficient or do I
>    need to replace them? What type of HW is required?

No, you need to get WLAN cards for your machines and at least one WLAN
access point (AP).  I have seen PCMCIA cards but I suppose PCI slot
card are available too.

> 2. What type of hubs are required?

Hubs are for wired LANs... ;-) For example you might want to connect
your APs and servers with a conventional wired LAN and give your
client machines wireless access to them.

> 3. How is the security of the hosts on a wireless LAN guaranteed?

It isn't. ;-)  For improved security you would probably need to use
IPsec or radio insulate your offices!

> 4. Last but the least, how expensive is it?

I don't have figures at hand, but surely it will be considerably more
expensive than a wired LAN.

> I would appreciate your experiences with Linux wireless LANs.

The main thing as always is just to make sure that drivers are
available for Linux.

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