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Re: tlug: txt/html to gif/jpeg?

On Sat, 25 Dec 1999, Tony Laszlo wrote:

>    Is there an easy way of converting a Japanese document 
>    (text or html) to something (gif/jpeg?) that would be 
>    readable by someone who doesn't have a Japanese-capable 
>    environment (I suspect the recipient has a Mac that 
>    doesn't do Japanese). 
>    Thanks. 

Already there are two replies, still my two ..

first convert the text to postscript.
 ghostscript:  ps to ppm or pgm ( depending on color or grayscale) ** 
          (choose a low resolution or get a HUUGE image)
 ppmtogif or pbmtogif    : done !
But who wants to pay Unisys? Better make png from ps using


** The ghostscript I have doesn't handle japanese though. Can any one 
tell me how can I teach it the art of kanji drawing?  

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