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tlug: DVD-ROM on Linux?

Subba Rao writes:
 > Hello,
 > I was wondering if Linux has support drivers for DVD CD-ROM. I have the DVD-ROM,
 > but cannot use it for anything else other than data CDs and music CDs.
 > If there is no support for DVD on Linux, I might as well swap it with another
 > machine. I haven't seen anything during the kernel compiles in 2.2.x versions,
 > that mentions DVD support.
 > If anyone else is using a DVD-ROM on Linux for DVD CDs, please let me know
 > how you did it. I would like to get some use of the features offered by this
 > device.
 > Thank you in advance.
Have a look at Especially the
UDF-Filesystem driver. You can read DVD-Roms and with the other
software on that page you can even play DVD Videos.


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