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Re: tlug: Re: bells and pings

Tony Laszlo wrote:
> * Anyone have any suggestions for freeing up a very stubborn
> bolt that is in charge of pinning my old modem into its slot?
> The head is not _quite_ stripped yet.
It's been a while since I did any heavy mechanics stuff but 
there  are a few "tricks of the trade" I have picked up:

* Use a drill with a diameter just slightly larger than the 
  screw and drill the head off. Remove the board and unscrew
  the remains of the screw with a plier or something. This
  works fine on a car but the small metal chips might not
  be a hit in your computer so you have to be careful.
  (it might work to use a magnet)

* Hit the screw over the head a couple of times (that'll 
  teach it!). The theory is that the tensions in the metal
  is relieved but it works great on the tension in the 
  mechanic as well. I doubt that this would work on a 
  weak frame like a computer box, but as I said: it might
  make you feel better ... ;-)

For car mechanics there are also a couple of tools 
available but non that I know of that would leave a 
computer box in any recognizable state. Most tools
involve the use of a sledgehammer and as tempting as 
it may seem it is probable counter-productive in your
situation. I would go for the drill and be very careful
and clean the box and boards afterwards.

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