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Re: tlug: bells and pings

Tony Laszlo (lists.tlug):
>* Having run Linux on a laptop I never knew how annoying the error
>beeps could be (I always turn the volume off on the laptop). I put "set
>bell-style visible" in .inputrc and that worked; no more beeps when
>working in the console. However, the annoying beep persists when
>working in less or vim, etc. I put "set noerrorbells" in .vimrc, but
>this did not have the desired effect... any hints would be appreciated. 

Sounds like you want the visual bell HOWTO:

>This machine is really quite noisy, 
>overall. Something is hissing (not 
>the hard disk; isa bus, perhaps?) and 

Uh, scary, that shouldn't happen.

>the modem needs to be silenced too...

ATS0L0 ?

>* Two Linux boxes and a Mac are now pinging each other and ftp is
>possible between them (still working on ip masquerading; forgot how I
>managed to get that going last time...). 

Right; depends on your kernel version, since the network filtering stuff
has changed somewhat frequently. If you're using ipchains, you want to
do something like this on your gateway:
      /sbin/ipchains -A forward -s -d -j MASQ

Of course, you'll need to change the first bit depending on the setup of
your internal network.
I can't remember how to speak ipfwadm, I'm afraid.

>Will now look into the mounting and copying of directories and files
>from one Linux box to another. NFS? or some other ways? 

I've used NFS in the past for this (mount /home shared, for instance,
and I also had an NFS rooted machine, which was tremendous fun) and I've
also heard good things about Coda.

Everything can be filed under "miscellaneous".
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