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Re: tlug: dot forward & procmail

Jonathan Byrne (lists.tlug):
>Please, no.  The last thing the world needs is another MX that won't
>take mail from anyone.  

I think this is what's called an exaggeration, and a relatively
pointless one at that.

>then take a look at instead.  The qmail 
>philosophy seems to be "Be very strict in what you produce (make it
>correct) and be even worse about what you accept."  That's nice, but
>doesn't work very well in the real world IMHO.

I admit that if I was writing an MTA, then I would follow the
traditional design philosophy. But I'm glad someone is actually standing
up to the RFCs, and sticking to them, for a change.

Allow anything to happen, and it will.

That said, I've not had a single mail message bounce off qmail's checks.
Perhaps that's because all those people I correspond with know how to
set up mail servers in an net-friendly manner. Your mileage may vary.

If you're going to spread FUD, I'd rather you did it elsewhere.

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