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tlug: kinput2, Emacs, Wnn6

A fresh new message, straight from the cleaners.  よろしくね。

I am using Applixware and FSF Emacs 20.2 on the same machine.
Both are using the Wnn6 conversion engine, but via different
methods. Applixware relies on Kinput2 to access the jserver,
while Emacs accesses the jserver via its own "egg.elc" client.

I have two little queries.  Both are related to keyboard

First, there must be a method of setting things up so that the
same keys handle conversion in both systems.  Currently, Emacs
wakes up Japanese input upon a keystroke I've specified in .emacs
(ESC-ESC).  Emacs converts the trial string when SPACE is hit,
and finalizes conversion when ENTER is hit.  The current scope is
moved around using C-o and ESC-i and other Emacs-isms.

In Applixware, Japanese input wakes up with SHIFT-SPACE.  Current
trial string is converted upon CTRL-J.  Conversion is finalized
with CTRL-L (ENTER also finalizes, but also gives you a new line,
which you usually don't want).  Conversion scope is moved around
using SHIFT-<l/r arrow>.

The differences between the two keyboard patterns are
troublesome.  What is worse, though, is that SHIFT-SPACE in Emacs
wakes up Kinput2, and if you're typing at speed, input is fed
into the window before you get a chance to kill it.  At that
point, it becomes stubborn; sometimes I can't seem to make it
close without killing it by force --- which brings down the
Kinput2 daemon.  A running Applixware (ALL of it) then freezes
solid, which is a particular joy.

I've worked with the system for a couple of weeks in this state,
and I've concluded that I'll be better off investing the time to
sort this out properly; the overlapping use of SHIFT-SPACE in the
two systems makes it much too likely that I or someone else will
misskey in Emacs when we reach for Japanese conversion.

Can Emacs be made to function with Kinput2?  And how can I
customize the control keys for Kinput2 (a sample from a
customized app-defaults/Kinput2 config file would be a godsend)?

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