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Re: tlug: Re: Cathedral & Bazar

On Sun, 29 Mar 1998, YAMAGATA Hiroo wrote:

> As for the Kanji code, hmm, I'll try to get your html
> and convert it to proper EUC in a day or two. But
> it does sound strange....

I've got the EUC looking okay now on:

> the...let's say, translator's name in the first page?
> It tells where people can find the original file and the
> PS files.

We can archive the PostScript file on the TLUG server.
> <p>
> 原文の最新版は<a
> href="">http://sa
> 入手可能。<br>
> 翻訳のPostscript版は<a href="">
> </a>にある。
> <p>
> (I hope my mailer doesn't do any shitty things with the html here and
> think it's been clever...)

I can read it fine.  :-)


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