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tlug: RE: cathedral and bazaar Japanese


Craig sent me Yamagata-san's translation of ESR's 
text yesterday, and I've already spent a few minutes
on the conversion to HTML. Basically, I'm trying to
format it just like the english original. You can preview
the first draft at

I'd appreciate comments about any mistakes that
you spot. Right now, the banner page is still
incomplete, and I've got only the first four chapters
online. The rest will follow shortly. Did I get the "next",
"previous", "contents" labels right? I dug those out
of my Kodansha's Furigana EJ Dictionary, but then
I'm notoriously bad at picking the right translations.

There is at least one footnote in the text - any idea
how I should render it? Right now, I've left it in the
text, with square backets around it. I'm also using
<em> for emphasis, but this doesn't seem to work.
Is that a problem of Netscape, or should I render
emphasis differently?

Like I said, comments are appreciated ;-)


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