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RE: tlug: Cathedral and Bazar

On Thu, 26 Mar 1998 wrote:

> > Craig Oda suggested wrt/ my yuedit problems:
> > Do you have LANG set to Japanese?  Do you have the conversion server
> > running?  cannaserver or jserver?
> > 
> No on the first count. Is that a prerequisite? And would
> it not mean that I get all other localized stuff running
> in Japanese mode? Apart from that, I did have the 
> Cannaserver running, and I started kinput in the 
> background before I started yuedit. 

I'm not sure if the program will call up kinput2 unless the LANG
is set.  For example, both kterm and xemacs will not activate
kinput2 when the shift-space key is pressed unless you set the

Try doing:

  $ export LANG=ja_JP.EUC
  $ yuedit 

If this works, you can make a simple startup script like:


and call the script

You can then run the script when you want to start it.


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