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RE: tlug: X resolution / color depth

On Mon, 23 Mar 1998, Matt Gushee wrote:

> Scott Stone writes:
>  > So, (and this is to everyone), what are the main things that you *don't*
>  > like about RPM?

(re: printtool requiring control-panel, ghostscript):

I don't think that happens very often, though... anyway, I took the
control-panel dep out (I think) for TurboLinux, since TurboDesk has its
own control panel, and TL doesn't really use the redhat one.  I think the
redhat one was actually included in TL 1.0, but it's not there in 1.2/1.4J

> So my idea of a more sensible approach would be to divide the dependencies into 'required' and
> 'recommended' types. Then if you tried to install a package without
> having one of the required packages, the installation would exit with
> an error, as it does now. But if you were missing a recommended
> package, you would get a warning message (perhaps with a brief
> explanation of how the recommended package could make your life
> beautiful :-) and have the option of continuing the installation or
> quitting. And of course, for those who prefer to get their hands
> dirty, we should be able to configure RPM so that it will shut up
> permanently about all the cool recommended packages that will make our 
> lives beautiful.

I like the idea.  Unfortunately, I kind of need to wait for Redhat to do
this, since if *I* did it, I'd cause all sorts of compatibility problems
in TurboLinux with RPMs which weren't built with this field..

Scott M. Stone <,>
Linux Developer/Systems Administrator for Pacific HiTech, Inc.

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