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tlug: Task Checkout List Program Needed

we may need some type of program to keep track of tasks for both
the server config and the Perl Journal Japan list of articles.

What I was thinking was an interface to upload lists of to do tasks
or articles and another interface to check off an article or
task that a person found interesting.  The task check-out would
be timestamped with the person's name.  


  1)  Secure server
      who's doing: Chris Sekiya, Bruce Howard
      volunteers needed:  yes
      status: ongoing
  2)  Add Digest
      who: Jonathan Byrne
      started: March 19
      volunteers needed:  maybe
      status: just getting started

Examples of TPJ stuff

   1) System Admin Tasks with Perl
      who: Yurie Horita
      started: March 20

What I was thinking was for the list to be created on the fly
from flat text files parsed by Perl CGI.

If someone wants to give it a try, it might be fun.

If no one is going to try it, I'll probably try it using
a Java servlet with mod_jserv of Apache and ODI's PSE
ObjectStore object database.  Just for the challenge
of it.  However, I think the TPJ should use a Perl script.  ;-)
My other idea is to use guile to make the lists.  


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