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Re: tlug: Now on TL-J 1.4

On Sun, 15 Mar 1998, 3Web - Jonathan Byrne wrote:

> I sent this out once a couple of hours ago, but it seems to have gone into
> the bit bucket somewhere.  At least, I never got a copy of it back from the
> TLUG list, or any answer, so those things constitute likely evidence that
> the first message got zapped.  So here it is again, and apologies if you've
> all seen this already.
> The install of Turbo Linux 1.4J went really smoothly on my home machine (and
> I think I'm the first person outside of PHT in the whole world to install
> the release version :-)   ), but when I installed it on my machine at work,
> I ran into a few problems:
> 1) The swap file problem familiar from Red Hat.  Running RHS Linux File
> Manager says that "/dev/hda5 appears to have been deleted.  Shall I remove
> it from fstab?"  I always say "no" since I don't think it's really deleted.
> At least it appears in the list of partitions visible in RHS.
> 2) The CD-ROM drive wasn't accessible.  RHS said it couldn't find /dev/hdc
> in fstab or mtab.  I manually added it and that seems to solve the problem.
> But if you type mount /mnt/cdrom at a Kterm, you get a message that iso9660
> file system is not supported by the kernel.  I had no trouble with the
> CD-ROM drive on my home machine.
> 3) It's not talking to the 3Com card anymore.  Activating it with the
> network tool (it always shows inactive) will let me ping machines on my LAN,
> but even then Netscape can't access any sites.  Saving the configuration
> with it set to active is unsuccessful, since it shows inactive again if I
> restart the network tool.  At boot, I can also see this message: modprobe:
> can't locate module eth0.  Does that mean the module is missing from the new
> kernel?

Sounds like a routing problem.  What does '/sbin/route -n' say, and what's
in /etc/sysconfig/network ?

Scott M. Stone <,>
Linux Developer/Systems Administrator for Pacific HiTech, Inc.

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