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Re: tlug: DAT tape drive

>>>>> "Karl-Max" == Karl-Max Wagner <> writes:

    Karl-Max> Funny. I've had my HP-C-1533 for three years now and
    Karl-Max> never had trouble with it. Used it a lot to swap data
    Karl-Max> with friends and getting new Slackware from a friend at
    Karl-Max> the University. Never had any readability
    Karl-Max> problems. Neither had any of my friends. They also have
    Karl-Max> that type of drive.

Thats what I have at home, and one of dead ones work, a HP C1533A,
I've tried cleaning it, new tapes of various densities, tape from
different manufactures, no luck. Of course the warranty is long
expired. :(

A brand new Sun unit we have a work is quite finicky as well. It works
about 50% of the time. Often, I have to eject the tape and insert it
again before it will work. At first I thought that it was the
particular drive, but I see the same behavior other places as well. 

Maybe I'm just unlucky when it comes to tape drives :)


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