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Re: tlug: DAT tape drive

On Thu, 5 Mar 1998, 3Web - Jonathan wrote:

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Felix Morley Finch <>
> To: <>
> Date: 1998年3月5日 14:06
> Subject: Re: tlug: DAT tape drive
> >May I suggest, unless you have to have DAT format, a Seagate CTT8000
> >internal or its external equivalent, or the other compatible brands
> >(H-P, ?).  Uses DT-4200 / QIC-3095 tapes, 2 GB (4 GB compressed) ($30)
> I'll second this recommendation.  I'm using the 4 GB SCSI internal version
> of that drive (at the time, it was a Conner CMS 3200, but Seagate only
> changed the name) for over 2 years with absolutely no problems.  It uses QIC
> 3080 cartridges, which are a bit hard to find in Japan, but T-Zone sells
> them, as well as selling the current 8 GB flavor of the drive.  As Felix
> mentions, unless you must have DAT, this is a fast, reliable, and cheaper
> alternative.

As far as compatibility goes, i think Linux's st driver will work with
just about any SCSI tape drive.  I have a WangDAT in Utah and a Sony
version of it here in Umegaoka, and both of those work as well... 4GB
uncompressed DAT.

Scott M. Stone <,>
Linux Developer/Systems Administrator for Pacific HiTech, Inc.

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