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tlug: Re: CDROM - tips and tricks

% At least for the CD-ROM case, you might want to consider adding the
% "user" option to your /etc/fstab for your CD-ROM devices:
% /dev/cdrom  /cd  iso9660  ro,user,noauto,unhide,nosuid  0  0

   ...and with this in place "eject -u" (umount and eject media), should
   also work. Re-mounting the new CDROM automatically is a different
   story, though.

   TLUG-List request - Seeing as the volume has increased so much on
   the list recently, can I make a plea to posters to please edit their
   includes? It's extremely frustrating to wade through 200 lines of
   included posting and dot-sigs only to find a two word comment at
   the very bottom.


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