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stranger in a strange land (was ncftp)

On Tue, 27 Aug 1996, Jim Tittsler wrote:

> It is available for Linux (and Win95/NT among others).  (If
> you use Win95, check out for
> a variety of tools to make you more comfortable in a foreign
> land.)

Oh man, this is something I need.  This one looks especially 

Here's an initial port of tcsh to Win32. It's only implements a subset of 
excluding things like job control, background, etc, but most of the 
interecting features
seem to be working very well. Also, I will be sent future notifications, 
so keep an eye on
this one.


Jim and I had a talk online last night while I was on his IP
masquerading host, he was on his Pentium and a background process
was downloading the NetKit for his Sun ELC (running Linux!). 
This was interesting since I found out that his Mitaka HAN
was online when he telnetted into my HAN host through the Internet
and sent me a note at my main office server.  Weird...

Anyway, I started to realize that the main reason I hate
using Windows '95 is because I never learned how to use it properly.
Also, I guess the Japanese version is more unstable.  I think
Joe verified my thoughts at the last TLUG meeting.  Anyway, when 
I make the move to Windows NT 4.0 as my secondary office environment, 
I figure that I'll need some tools to help me out in the 
beginning.  I'm still committed to open standards in the office.
However, I am preparing for a transitional phase until things
get really cross-platform.  I am confident that Linux will
blend into the office environment.


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