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Re: wierd scenes inside the gold mine

Hi all,

># tar xvzf make-3.74.bin.ELF.tar.gz    # install bad binary and docs
># tar xvzf make-3.74-direntfix-elf.tgz # overwrite bad with fixed binary

Okay, did this - have a new make - went to usr/src/linux - typed 'make config'
and we were off and running. Went through the questions - finished - typed
'make dep' - okay so far - typed 'make clean' okay - now it's time for the
big one - 'make Image' and POW

make: *** No rule to make target 'Image'. Stop


Wait, hold the presses!!!!

I tried 'make zImage' and it looks as if it's time for a Beer! It's
compiling even as I type! Hurray:-)

I wonder if it will boot?

I'll let you know....

Jim S.
Jim Schweizer                JPS Solutions
Consultant                Education Services
Kunitomi 988-18        Tel/Fax:81-(0)86-272-0019
Okayama, Japan 703
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