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Re: Building a new kernel

Hi all,

Getting back to the kernal problem:

>    Jim> When I type 'make config' I get dissed with:
>    Jim> make: *** No rule to make target 'config'. Stop.
>    ST> Question 1:  Can you read the Makefile?
>    ST> Question 2:  Can you read the Makefile?

Answer 1: Yes
Answer 2: No, not really.

>    JWT> And if it your answer was yes to both, you might consider:
>    JWT>  Question 3:  Do I have an old version of GNU make which had a bug
>    JWT>               that was masked by the old libc library?
>    JWT> I believe you would get the "no rule to make xxxx" message in that
>    JWT> case as well.  If you have libc 5.2.x or newer, you should make sure
>    JWT> you have make 3.74 compiled with the new libraries.
>This is a special case of the "can't find file" problem (the bug
>screwed up the file searching algorithm); I never saw it and don't
>have an old make around to confirm, but that sounds like the likely
>effect.  Since Jim S is working on an older Slackware system, he's
>probably got libc 5.0.9, and I don't think this bug applies.

I was just reading the release note for the 2.0 kernel and saw:

>The latest stable Linux C Library release is 5.2.18.  If you upgrade
>to this from 5.0.9 or earlier, be sure to read the
>`release.libc-5.2.18' file, since GNU make and a few other fairly
>important utils can be broken by the upgrade

When I installed jdk1.01 (someday I WILL learn how to use it!) I grabbed
libc.5.2.18.bin.tar.gz and uncompressed, untarred and copied the files in
the lib subdirectory of the top level of the heirarchy to /lib. (I followed
the directions to the T) So, now I have both 5.0.9 and 5.2.18 in /lib. There
was nothing in the java-HOWTO about this breaking make!

Should I try upgrading GNU make and hope it doesn't break the jdk?


Jim S.

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