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Re: xjdic22 problems

>>>>> "Craig" == C Oda <> writes:

    Craig> On Mon, 26 Aug 1996, Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:
    >> Recompile the program on your own machine instead of using

    Craig> I got the source of xjdic22 and it compiled, but there was
    Craig> one error.  I remember that last night I was too tired to

Aha.  Why don't you quit your day job and get a night job?  Then you
can work on Linux when you're awake!  :-P

    Craig> look into it more. I was wondering if anyone out there had
    Craig> already built a running xjdic22 and EDICT indexing system.
    Craig> If I get it too work, I'll place it in the anonymous FTP
    Craig> archive.  Do you use xjdic?  I used to use the EDICT system
    Craig> with a Mac a while back and it was pretty good.

I've looked at EDICT (which is the foundation of Jeff Friedl's
WWW/Perl-based dictionary at; they didn't use to allocate
enough resources to it and you could never get through :-( ), but
never got the emacs interface working right.  So it sorta slipped in
the last half-dozen major upgrades of libc and Ghostscript and XFree86
and the kernel and all those ELF binaries for X....  I've never used
xjdic.  I'll have to get to it in my "copious free time."  Basically,
I've found Wnn/Canna + my Zaurus to be equal to almost all my needs,
and never got around to customizing that portion of my system.


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