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Re: Building a new kernel

>    Jim> When I type 'make config' I get dissed with:
>    Jim> make: *** No rule to make target 'config'. Stop.
>Question 1:  Can you read the Makefile?
>Question 2:  Can you read the Makefile?
And if it your answer was yes to both, you might consider:
 Question 3:  Do I have an old version of GNU make which had a bug
              that was masked by the old libc library?
I believe you would get the "no rule to make xxxx" message in that
case as well.  If you have libc 5.2.x or newer, you should make sure
you have make 3.74 compiled with the new libraries.

I would also suggest 'make xconfig' (if you have X running) or
'make menuconfig' instead of 'make config'.  Much easier to 
Jim Tittsler, Tokyo  <URL:>

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