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[tlug] Employment for "oldies"

   I'm in a "transitional period"[1] and a conversation at the latest 
TLUG meeting has me realizing and fearing that perhaps a big transition 
may be in order. My specific concern, beyond finding a job, is this: I am 
knocking on the door of 50. Just how viable is it to start (largely)
a career and to maintain employment through to retirement? (The comment
at the meeting that drives me to post was something like "once
you hit 50, they pretty much just toss your resume into the garbage.")
Will I find myself going from short-term contract to short-term contract,
or is it a "reasonable" hope to find long-termish work? 

   Any insight, advice (and experience shared) would be greatly


[1] among others.
   (And no -- it wasn't me!!)

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