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[tlug] Old Android devices

Hello TLUG!

This is a bit of a long shot, but does anyone have any crappy, unused
Android tablets? I need a test device or two for a project I am working
on. It's an app for providing sign language videos to Deaf communities
in Asia (specifically Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar and Malaysia).

In many of those countries the Internet is not so reliable, so
downloading videos is practically impossible; instead, the videos will
be given out "sneakernet" on SD cards at conferences. Unfortunately, the
Android device I have (Nexus 7) doesn't have an SD slot, and I've seen
problems in the past with SD cards being mounted at all kinds of places
in the filesystem, so I need to check that they can plug in their cards
and the app will recognise the video. Older, cheaper devices are
preferable because again they best emulate the kinds of device the app
will actually be working with in the field.

So, if you have an old tablet *with an SD card slot* that is sitting
around gathering dust, it would be really helpful to me (and a whole
bunch of Deaf people around Asia) if I could either have or borrow it.
Of course I'll pay the shipping if you chakubarai it.


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