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Re: [tlug] Subsidized FIDO U2F security keys

Le 05/10/2015 09:06, Kalin KOZHUHAROV a écrit :
> I couldn't see what the offer is without logging, but I assume those are
> just the standard keys with some sticker or custom color right? So can be
> used in other contexts (since I probably don't need two for github).

Just regular *U2F only* keys, which will only protect website login.
Won't support other non U2F (TOTP, ...) websites.

ssh keys are still left out of the HSM, so it does not prevent someone
to push evil code with stolen ssh keys.

But I've never seen them discounting Neo models :/

You can already find U2F keys for as low $6 (Happlink), Yubi Neo is sold
$50 but a smartcard providing all Nano features (except U2F, NXP J3A081)
are <$15. All Yubikeys regular prices seems a bit overpriced.


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