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Re: [tlug] Laser printer for Linux

On 21 November 2014 02:59, rost52 <> wrote:
> I appreciate information about which maker provides for which laser printer Linux drivers.

This used to be an issue many years ago, but nowadays linux driver
support for printers is rather common.

We have a Brother MFC 8xxx fax/scanner/laser printer and it has had
drivers support for Windows, Mac OS and Linux for many years. Looking
at other Brother models, including colour laser printers and colour
multifunction laser printers, the Brother website lists the same three
OS options for every model I cared to check. Brother provide the Linux
drivers both as rpm and deb packages.

As an example, the linux driver page for the Colour MFC-9125 is here:

While contracting in Europe I bought myself a small Samsung laser
printer (printer 70 EUR, replacement cartridge 60 EUR) to use at work
(where my notebook was prevented from printing to the office printers,
regardless of OS) and that one had printer support under Ubuntu as
well. A colleague was using his own HP ink jet, also from Linux (don't
remember the distro though). I'd be surprised to find any major
printer brand that doesn't have linux support in this day and age.

You will probably find that you are not really limited in your choice
of printers by the OS you are using.

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