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[tlug] preparing kindle documents, was: A More Open App Cloud

On Wed, Nov 12, 2014 at 03:44:44PM +0900, Curt Sampson wrote:
> [..] For the same
> reason I tend to avoid Kindle books[1], preferring instead the Adobe DRM
> world where at least you have multiple, interoperable vendors.
> [..]
> [1]: Actually, I do buy a fair number of Kindle books, but almost
> never anything costing more than a dollar or two; that seems to me a
> reasonable price for what I consider a rental.

I look at the kindle just a technical device to show documents, not
to connect to an infrastructure to buy documents.

Because it seems a decent ebook reader technical specs wise I bought
a Paperwhite last year, and got now the Voyage.

It is possible and not to hard to prepare own content (text in utf8
or other encodings, with more work also pdf) for the kindles and
upload them without using Amazons infrastructure.  
Also Japanese 縦書き works nicely, including dictionaries to lookup

(In case one considers that hardware, my current procedure to create
kindle .mobi files with Japanese has just a small issue which makes
marking single Kanji for lookup harder: the marking mechanism by de-
fault is always marking all glyphs until delimiting comma or points,
apparently the underlying converter did not put info about which
glyphs compose a Kanji into the document.)


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