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Re: [tlug] [OT] Flame Warriors

Scott Robbins writes:

 > on recently.  Firstly, I must admit it's confirmation
 > bias on my part, I've always felt that anti MS stuff on the part of
 > Linux (or even Mac) users is a bit like a little dog barking at a
 > big one.

You should go (re)read the Halloween documents, as well as Nathan
Myhrvold's screed on how to take over the Internet.  Bill Gates was a
robber baron in the tradition of the great railroad, steel, and
financial monopolies of the 19th century, and his top people are cut
from the same mold.  Steve Jobs was another, although he left somewhat
less Machiavellian documentation behind.

 > "When someone types "Micro$oft", they've announced that their
 > position is so utterly unchangeable by thought that it's started
 > changing other parts of their brain around itself."

Well-it-could-be-a-troll-too-ly y'rs,

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