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Re: [tlug] Oops, what a waste of a good cup of tea

On 7 November 2014 12:07, Joe Larabell <> wrote:

> When I was living in New Jersey, I found a no-brand bottle that just said
> "Polish Alcohol" on the label and it was essentially 90-something percent
> ethyl alcohol.

You used to be able to get something at Yamaya called "Polish
Spirits", which was around 95% ethyl. In my irresponsible youth, I
once took a shot of that. You had to drink it within 10 seconds of it
being poured, such was the rate of evaporation. Drinking it was much
akin to being kicked in the head: your eyesight would fail for a
second or two, and you'd stagger around for a few minutes before your
balance recovered.

Rather unpleasant, really.


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