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Re: [tlug] Oops, what a waste of a good cup of tea

On 2014-11-05 15:07 +0900 (Wed), Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:

> Originally the idea was black and white presentation (colored pixels
> were too fat for high density text) using fonts and faces to express
> what today we use color to express.

Right. This is (or was) important because back in the 70s colour
printing used to be *really* time-consuming and expensive. It was done
the same way colour photography was done in the 1890s: you generate the
black and white image (typically on a standard dot matrix or, if you
were at an institution that had thirty thousand dollars to spare, Xerox
8700 laser, printer) , and then get someone to colour it by hand.

We had whole rooms of people doing this. The advantage was, I suppose,
is that it gave all those arts majors something useful to do.

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