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Re: [tlug] Ubuntu Laptop Assistance Please + Rant about Akihabara

Hi guys,

First, thank you to everyone who gave valuable advice.  Thanks to Jonathan as well for his helpful off-list information about the HP Envy.  

I'm curious, though, if anyone here has purchased a System 76 laptop.  Their top of the line, fully upgraded, doesn't cost that much - and is shipped with Ubuntu.

I doubt I can get any useful tech support from them here in Tokyo, so I am of two minds.  Has anyone ever used their products?  I found a grand total of one negative critique online, but I imagine there may be different problems in the Japanese context.

I don't mind dropping the 1200-1300$ to buy / ship a proper laptop, but if there are problems I'd like to know beforehand... 

Sincerely yours,

Jawaad Mahmood

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