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Re: [tlug] Fortran --> Python (was linux engineer)

On 06/08/2012 04:54 PM, Attila Kinali wrote:

I meant people doing "computational science" like writing chemistry
simulations or similar stuff. Those PhDs are 99% writing code and
maybe 1% things of their actual field. Sure, you have to know how
your field works to be able to write code that makes sense, but most
of what you do is really just putting that 1% into c/c++/java/python/whatever.
So i would expect those people to know the programming language they use
together with the simulation system well... but i have not yet met anyone
who does something like that who actually knows a bit about computers...

I was doing solid state physics which is probably pretty close to what you are talking about and I saw the other side. i.e. highly optimized implementations of code that was easily outperformed by generic libraries because the optimized implementations couldn't take advantage of hardware advances like multiple processors.

To change the code would have been very difficult, because it was highly optimized for the specific problem and so changing it would require a deep understanding of the physics, the algorithms and the optimizations used in the implementation.

In this case it would have been much better to write in matlab and abusing the awesome computing power now available.


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