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Re: [tlug] Help on a script...

On Mon, Jun 4, 2012 at 12:12 PM, Bruno Raoult <> wrote:
> Unfortunately, it is verbose for directories (and directories only):
> Unchanged files
> are not logged, as expected. The result is that I get thousands lines mails,
> for nothing,
> and I cannot find easily what was really changed (for directories)...

I was just playing around with it and, for me, rsync doesn't print out
the directory names if the time stamps on the directories haven't been
updated.  So, I guess the problem isn't just that the directory
already exists, but the source directory's time has been updated and
because of this, rsync searches inside it.

One option is to fiddle with the time/date at the source or
destination directories.  That is, match up the time if there are no
files inside have been changed.

Of course, if you get it wrong, then you're not going to get the
directory backed up...  So, it's a dangerous thing to play with.  :-)


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