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[tlug] Wireless router attached to a wired router


I'm pretty sure this is or should be possible.

I've got a 4 port router that was provided to me by my ISP. The cable
modem connects into its WAN port, and 3 of the 4 available LAN ports are
connected to computers.

I want to add a wireless router, and I've got one here. It's a simple
wireless router that just one WAN port and one LAN port.

I thought I could just plug an ethernet cable from the open LAN port on
the main router to the LAN port on the wireless router and be off and
running. However, now I realize that's not the case.

The manual for the wireless router is accessed by going to
But that doesn't work and I'm guessing because the router is assigning
it's own IP addresses.

I plugged the wireless directly into my computer to see if I could at
least access the wireless router once...

Well, I'm shooting in the dark at this point. I looked online and most
people seem to just do it, and have no troubles.

Am I missing a beat somewhere?

Any tips would be much appreciated.

Dave M G

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